Troubled Waters

03. May 2021

To transport goods internationally, companies usually choose the sea route, Dobas is no exception. But the waters are choppy. The ocean freight market has to overcome some challenges.

The Search for the perfect Veneer

30. March 2021

In many of our projects we use veneer. Wood of a quality that Dobas desires is rar to come across. We explain how veneer is made and how we find suitable veneer logs.

Dobas Home Office Challenge

08. March 2021

At the beginning of January, it was once again time to return to the home office! To lighten up the workday at home, we did a little challenge with our team.

A Falcon flies around the World

28. January 2021

The falcon in our meeting room has been flying regularly to other countries for almost a year. After a year of online meetings, it's high time to introduce the creators of the bird: QueenKong.

Set in best Light

21. December 2020

Light arouses emotions, generates excitement, guides customers. Accordingly, a well thought-out lighting design is important when designing a retail, hospitality or exhibition area.

Virtual Reality for Brand Acquisition

26. November 2020

Among other things, Dobas uses Virtual Reality to visualize future stores. The technology offers various opportunities and can be useful, for example, to acquire brands.

Added Value for Shop Designs thanks to Virtual Reality

29. October 2020

With Virtual Reality (VR) the next generation of visualization possibilities is in the starting blocks. Dobas CEO Patrick Buchecker explains how VR works and the opportunities it offers.

Welcome to Dobas, Aiko!

29. September 2020

In August Aiko Konrad started his apprenticeship as a Draftsman Interior Architecture at Dobas. We look forward to accompanying and supporting him during the four-year training.

Implementation of shopfitting concept in Lisbon

03. September 2020

In addition to its own creations, Dobas also implements third-party shop fitting concepts. Last year Dobas was able to realise an impressive boutique for the retailer Torres Joalheiros on Lisbon's luxury mile.

In operation around the globe

26. June 2020

As a full service provider, Dobas also takes care of the installation at the respective project location. Our installation team is on the road almost around the year. There is much more in their luggage than just expertise and tools.

Store concepts after Corona

29. May 2020

What impact will the corona pandemic have on shop concepts? On hospitality design? On the design of an exhibition stand? – Dobas’ CEO Patrick Buchecker has outlined possible scenarios.

The Dobas team greets you from their home office

24. April 2020

Since mid-March almost the entire Dobas team has been working from home. Our employees are providing an insight into their home offices and are reporting how things have been going in their own walls.

60 crates turn into an exhibition stand

26. March 2020

For the Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition in Qatar Dobas realized a 900m2 booth. The logistics required some planning skills.

Impressions of the EuroShop Retail Fair

28. February 2020

From 16 to 20 February 2020 the EuroShop trade fair took place in Düsseldorf. Read more about our impressions of the world's largest retail trade fair.

More space for inspiration and creativity

31. January 2020

After a two-month renovation phase we move into our office extension in February. We look forward to filling our green oasis with life and to welcome our customers in a generous lounge area.

EuroShop and Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition 2020

21. January 2020

Only a few weeks until EuroShop and Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition 2020 start. Dobas is present with customer projects at both trade fairs.