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Ensuring the best natural stone for the job

30. January 2023

Pibamarmi is one of our regular partners for interior architecture projects. The family-run Italian business values innovation and has developed, among other things, a revolutionary treatment for protecting natural stone.

A kitchen design to taste

27. December 2022

Meist setzen unsere Design- und Planungsabteilungen ihre Expertise für kommerzielle Projekte ein, aber nicht ausschliesslich! Dieses Jahr gestalteten wir eine Privatküche, die ein echter Augenschmaus geworden ist.

Plants in interiors: a growing interest

28. November 2022

Plants in interiors are currently in vogue. What’s behind this trend? What are the added benefits of indoor greenery? Can any interior go green? We asked Moritz Kuederli, the CEO of Hydroplant, these questions and more.

9 inspiring mixed-use projects (3/3)

31. October 2022

City centres have to adapt to stay attractive. Mixed-use properties as well as convertible retail concepts are two possible ways of doing so. We are excited to share three more inspiring projects with you in our final instalment of this series.

Sewn into the fabric of St. Gallen

27. September 2022

We went to St. Gallen to visit the time-honoured company Jakob Schlaepfer, which produces exclusive fabrics for fashion brands like Céline and Rami Kadi. Their range also includes textiles and tapestries for interiors.

9 inspiring mixed-use projects (2/3)

30. August 2022

City centres have to adapt to stay attractive. Mixed-use properties as well as convertible retail concepts are two possible solutions. We’re presenting inspiring projects in a three-part series.

Interior architecture ideas competition for a hotel in the city of Lucerne

25. July 2022

As part of a competition, we teamed up with the Krucker Partner office to create the interior architecture concept for a new hotel in Lucerne. Our «City Boat» was not selected to enter the safe harbour, but we are still happy to welcome you on board here.

9 inspiring mixed-use projects (1/3)

27. June 2022

City centres have to adapt to stay attractive. Mixed-use properties as well as convertible retail concepts are two possible solutions. We will be presenting inspiring projects in a three-part series.

How do we find the right materials?

31. May 2022

We have thousands of materials at our disposal in shop design. Given the plethora of options, how do we find one that’s just right? Interior architect Deborah Muff talks about a recent project to explain the process.

Interview: Looking ahead at the future of trade shows

28. April 2022

Covid completely upended the trade show industry. But not all the changes were negative, argue Janina Poesch and Sabine Marinescu, editors of «Trade Fair Design Annual». A conversation about rethinking and adapting.

Keeping it clean with good shop design

28. March 2022

Nobody wants their sparkling new shop interior to lose its lustre before its time. That’s why it is so important to think about future cleaning and upkeep in shop design. In this entry, interior architect Verena Zaugg explains the most important things to bear in mind.

Retail goes hybrid

28. February 2022

Digitalisation is not only impacting sales channels: it’s also changing what people expect from their shopping experience. Which is why, slowly but surely, retailers are bringing together the real and digital worlds.

A towering shopfront

31. January 2022

We are currently hard at work on a multifaceted project in the Al Nakheel Mall in Dammam. It involves, among other things, a shopfront that is almost ten metres tall. But its scale is not its only remarkable quality.

Resurfacing after the Flood

27. December 2021

Dobas helped breathe new life into Restaurant and Hotel Rössli after it was flooded in summer 2021. The interior design concept features earthy tones, golden details and floating eye-catchers.

A crystal-clear Matter

26. October 2021

Glass is a versatile material that can be used in a variety of ways in architecture and interior design. The decision about what sort of glass is suitable and how to use it in a given situation is based on the glass’s intended purpose.

Out of the Office and into the Wild

30. September 2021

Just before summer bid its farewell, the Dobas team took a two-day trip to the southernmost valley of the canton of the Grisons: Val Poschiavo. We returned with all the sensations still echoing in our mind.

How a Cloud Turns into a Plan

30. August 2021

To ensure highest possible precision, we use a 360-degree laser scanner when taking the measurements of a space. Planning then proceeds based on thousands of data points gathered this way.

Fragrant Solutions. From Signature Scents to Cleaning Products

26. July 2021

Andreas Wilhelm took us on a tour of the fascinating world of scents. The renowned perfumer creates bespoke fragrances for various businesses and needs.

Architectural Heritage reinterpreted

28. June 2021

For the design of a multi-brand boutique in the old town of Brno, we were inspired by regional architecture. One building played a particularly important role: the famous Villa Tugendhat.

Installation abroad in Times of Corona

28. May 2021

The Corona pandemic is affecting our day-to-day work in various forms. Dobas project managers are particularly challenged in the area of installation planning.

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