Out of the Office and into the Wild

30. September 2021

Just before summer bid its farewell, the Dobas team took a two-day trip to the southernmost valley of the canton of the Grisons: Val Poschiavo. We returned with all the sensations still echoing in our mind. 

To find new sources of inspiration, get to know our colleagues in a different light and marvel at nature in all its splendour – these were the hopes we had for this year’s team trip. Coordination whiz Nicole Buchecker took care of the planning; she had already had her hand in our home office challenge this past spring

Our journey took us to the southernmost valleys of the Grisons. We went by rail to Landquart, crossed the mountainous Bernina Pass and finally passed through the breath-taking Poschiavo valley to arrive in the village of Poschiavo. The latter is listed in Switzerland’s «Federal Inventory of Heritage Sites», so it’s no surprise there was quite a lot to take in there! We took a post van to our next stop: the former post and sumpter station La Rösa at 1880 metres above sea level. We enjoyed the end of our first day in the historic 17th-century building.

The next day we laced up our walking shoes and trekked through the Val di Campo, a valley is known for its fragrant Swiss pine and larch forests and the turquoise-blue Saoseo lake. Even we were blown away by our natural surroundings. After a memorable day of hiking we returned for a second night to La Rösa before heading home the next day with our backpacks full of memories. We’re excited to share some of them with you in the gallery below. Happy clicking!

See you on the next trip? 

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