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26. June 2020

As a full service provider, Dobas also takes care of the installation at the respective project location. Our installation team is on the road almost around the year. There is much more in their luggage than just expertise and tools.

Projects always take their course at the Pilatusstrasse in Lucerne – this also applies to the Dobas installation team. Aldo Lagler, who is responsible for Dobas’ installation work, first consults with the project managers and planners involved. Step by step, all positions are gone through together, all details are discussed and any questions are clarified. Finally, during the installation, everything should run smoothly and the plans should be implemented with the greatest care.

Thorough preparation

In consultation with chief fitter Aldo Dobas-CEO Patrick Buchecker and his deputy Stefan Baumeler decide how many fitters are needed on site at what time and whether additional local support is required. Stefan Baumeler also coordinates the installation dates so that there are no overlaps or idle times. The concrete scheduling is again carried out by Aldo Lagler. The 54-year-old also takes care of booking flights and usually also overnight accommodation for his employees. 

When the Dobas assembly team arrives, a large toolbox is already waiting for them on site. Chief fitter Lagler sends it in advance in the containers of the production facility to the project location, while the smaller tools and laser measuring tools travel with the employees. On arrival, ceiling and floor are usually already prepared, a WhatsApp group is set up at the same time, because project communication with all the people involved during installation mainly runs through this channel.

Experience and empathy

Despite meticulous preparation, improvisation skills are sometimes required during installation. Then analysis skills and know-how are needed to find a solution with the possibilities on site. In such cases, Aldo Lagler draws, among other things, on his many years of experience – in 1993, he was for the first time on installation abroad, and has been supporting Dobas AG since the company's beginnings in 2006.  

In addition to specialist knowledge and tools, openness and curiosity are also part of the assembly luggage. Respect and empathy are indispensable too, especially since projects are not always realized in the known cultural environment. Furthermore a certain amount of travel excitement is part of the standard equipment of the fitters, as the team is on the road for up to eleven months a year. However, 2020 will be an exceptional year in this respect, due to Corona. After a standstill of several weeks, the Dobas installation team started again in mid-June. The first destination after the lockdown: Cyprus.

Projects in more than 40 countries

We look back with pride on more than 400 realized projects in over 40 countries. Here you can browse through selected references from the fields of Shop Design, Hospitality Design and Expo Design. 

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