The Dobas team greets you from their home office

24. April 2020

Since mid-March almost the entire Dobas team has been working from home. Our employees are providing an insight into their home offices and are reporting how things have been going in their own walls.

The coronavirus has also turned Dobas’ everyday life upside down. Only CEO Patrick Buchecker and his wife Nicole Buchecker are still working in the recently renovated offices at Pilatusstrasse. The rest of the team has been working from their home office for more than a month now.

How things have been going working from home

Almost all employees report that the structure of their daily work has changed – some more, some less. «It is pleasant that I can manage my time more freely,» says Deborah Muff, for example. Lisa Nissen thinks it is positive that the current circumstances allow a more intuitive way of organizing breaks. She could do yoga or go jogging in between. Selina Rehm enjoys the new flexibility too: «I work most productively when everyone else is still asleep.» Simon Achermann also starts work earlier than before the corona crisis and appreciates the extra time with his children. Richard Arnet feels similarly: «Instead of a break, I enjoy breakfast with my wife and the children.» Amazingly enough, the kids would rarely visit his home office. 

The new structures and rhythms also require flexibility in communication matters. «In home office, communication is much more sluggish,» says Andreas Signer. Silvana Luterbach thinks similarly. Communication is not so convenient anymore and requires organization. Andrea Prandi-Zgraggen’s thoughts go in the same direction: «If you can't talk directly to each other, there is a greater risk that an assignment will not be understood properly.» Stefan Baumeler is also looking forward to being able to «look the colleagues straight in the eye again during a conversation». The employees are lacking personal exchange not only in regard to work content though. When asked who misses what the most, the joint coffee and lunch breaks are among the top responses.

Despite all the challenges, Dobas’ employees are trying to gain something positive from the situation. Matthias Rohner for example assumes that it will be possible to profit in the future from the forced progress in digitalization. Andrea Bergonzini additionally believes that everything at home becomes more pretty, organized and efficient. 

How things look in the home offices

Due to absences Martina Eichholzer and Josef Heer unfortunately could not send home office greetings.

What will happen next

In strict compliance with the requirements of the Bundesamt für Gesundheit (BAG), some employees will return to the office in the upcoming days. It remains to be seen when the entire Dobas team will be able to work at Pilatusstrasse again.

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