Dobas Home Office Challenge

08. March 2021

At the beginning of January, it was once again time to return to the home office! To lighten up the workday at home, we did a little challenge with our team.

Since the beginning of the year, the Dobas team has been working from home office again. Already in spring 2020 there was a longer periode during which our employees had to move their workplace to their own four walls (read more about it here). 

In order to bring some variety into the daily work routine at home, our employees regularly received parcel post during the past weeks. The contents of the parcels were intended to keep our team warm and well supplied. And, of course, to create small moments of joy!

In the first week, «Jonas» arrived in our employees' letterboxes, a small whisk suitable for making sauces, for example. Then they received a packet of chili seeds, accompanied by a flower pot and plant soil (see header picture). The trio formed the basis of our challenge: Whoever grows the most convincing jalapeño – we have named her «Berta» – by the end of February would be able to look forward to a dinner for two at Lucerne's Restaurant Maihöfli by Oscar de Matos in addition to fame and honor.

While the team was demonstrating their green fingers, the faithful socks «Gustav» and «Lotta» set off. They guarantee warm feet during – and hopefully also after – the home office time. To ensure that the rest of the body also stays well warmed, the postman next brought everyone a cup and various types of fresh tea to brew.

The following greeting in turn helped to warm the soul: a bar of handmade, natural Swiss chocolate – mmmmm! A few days ago, we eventually sent our last package. The content can be used, for example, to bridge the missing team breaks in the morning. It requires a bit of patience, but after several weeks in the home office, we are well practiced in that... You can see what it is in the gallery below.

There you will also find the top three results of our Home Office Challenge. An external jury recently met to evaluate the anonymized «Berta» pictures according to the strictest criteria and with a twinkle. We congratulate Josef Heer on bronze, Selina Rehm on silver and Simon Achermann on gold!

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