Welcome to Dobas, Aiko!

29. September 2020

In August Aiko Konrad started his apprenticeship as a Draftsman Interior Architecture at Dobas. We look forward to accompanying and supporting him during the four-year training.

At the beginning of August the Dobas team has grown. Aiko Konrad from Rothenburg started his four-year apprenticeship as a Draftsman Interior Architecture. Selina Rehm also decided to follow this path, she recently started her third year of training and accompanies Aiko with her learning experiences.

Our trainees attend vocational school one or two days a week, the other days of the week they gain practical work experience in the company. Special milestones of the training are the external internships, during which our trainees gain insight into related professions such as electrical installation or drywall construction.

Above all, Aiko is looking forward «to participating in exciting projects around the world», has a great thirst for knowledge and hopes to «successfully complete the training in four years». We will gladly support the 15-year-old in achieving his goals and wish him an interesting apprenticeship at Dobas.

Would you also like to join the Dobas team?

Although there are no open positions currently, We are always interested in people with profound knowledge and an innovative mind. To submit an unsolicited application, please use this form.

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