60 crates turn into an exhibition stand

26. March 2020

For the Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition in Qatar Dobas realized a 900m2 booth. The logistics required some planning skills.

The 17th Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition (DJWE) in February 2020 was the largest edition of the fair so far. During five days, around 32'000 people visited the watch and jewellery exhibition in Doha – a record number of visitors.

Dobas was allowed to create and realize a booth for Darwish Holding during this year's DJWE. On the 900 square meters large stand area a total of four brands presented their high-quality watch and jewellery gems.

Sea freight with 60 boxes

The individual parts of the stand were produced in Switzerland in advance and shipped to Qatar in 40-foot containers. The containers comprised around 60 numbered shuttle boxes, which were stored in a warehouse near Doha upon arrival. From there they bit by bit reached the «Doha Exhibition and Convention Center» during the 14-day stand construction period, where the Dobas assembly team installed them.

Each day there was an allocated time window for deliveries or removals – so the numbered boxes had to be retrieved with great care to make sure that they reach the site in the correct order and to prevent delays in setting up the stand.

1 stand, 20 fitters and local teamwork

Finally, around 20 members of the Dobas assembly team, supported by local helpers, ensured that the stand could appear in all its glory at the opening of the DJWE on 24th of February.

After the trade fair, a team of ten took care of dismantling and carefully stowed the individual parts back in the numbered crates to ensure smooth assembly for reuse over a period of about five subsequent years.

More about the Darwish booth

Here you can find out more about the DJWE booth, which Dobas was allowed to create and realize for Darwish Holding.

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