Implementation of shopfitting concept in Lisbon

03. September 2020

In addition to its own creations, Dobas also implements third-party shop fitting concepts from the detailed planning stage to the handover of keys. Last year Dobas was able to realise an impressive boutique for the retailer Torres Joalheiros on the Avenida da Liberdade, Lisbon's luxury mile.

In mid-2019 Dobas AG was invited to participate in a tender for the realisation of a complex luxury boutique for high-quality watches. To our great pleasure the submission was successful, so that in August 2019 the contracts with Torres Joalheiros could be signed and the detailed planning for the boutique could be started.

A first inspection of the shell was carried out immediately after the order was placed. Using 360° scanners, the object was precisely measured and the data obtained was used to create the basic plans for all further planning steps. The plans from Dobas serve as a basis for the work of all local companies involved, so that no planning errors occur at any interface and everyone is on the same level.

Recognizing needs and demands

Based on the already existing design concept and the architectural plans, the detailed planning could be started. This phase is always characterized by an active exchange with the customer, the concept architects and local construction managers in order to identify and consider all needs and requirements at an early planning stage.

After taking the measurements on site, we quickly realised that the boutique floor plan, in which there were no right angles, would be a particular challenge. Especially with regard to the arrangement of the hundreds of palings, which the store concept envisaged and which had to be arranged with the utmost precision. Due to the paling length of five metres, a construction had to be developed that excluded any deformation of the elements.

Dobas chose square aluminium tubes covered with walnut veneer for the palings.

When preparing the floor plan, we also defined binding planning axes through the room, which served as a starting point for measurements for all trades during the entire construction phase. So we made sure that the axes were accessible at any time during the construction progress.

Put in the right light

While we were developing the detailed plans, we called in specialists for lighting design, among other things. Lighting calculations ensure the optimal highlighting of individual exhibits as well as a balanced staging of the entire boutique. As soon as the lighting design has been completed the planning for the HVACS (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, sanitary) can begin.

For Torres Joalheiros' shop, the themes of ventilation and air conditioning were of great importance. The positioning of the relevant components was dependent on the ceiling lighting, but this was not allowed to influence their efficiency.

A solution for every challenge

In view of the complexity of the detailed plans, we decided to create auxiliary templates for the installation team. These templates were also used by the local contractor to align the ceiling transitions perfectly with the fixtures that would be installed later. For its installation, our chief fitter Aldo Lagler (read more about him in this blog) travelled to Lisbon before the official start of installation.

The template transport brought to light the next challenge: the delivery of unwieldy goods to the city centre. To ensure that the fixtures could be delivered to the site on time during the later assembly phase, Dobas quickly organised a transhipment warehouse.

Thanks to pre-assembly the 42-days installation went smoothly and efficiently.

Despite various challenges and the structural complexity, the impressive boutique could be opened on schedule in mid-January 2020 thanks to the smooth cooperation of our installation team and the local master builder.

Take advantage of our know-how

Are you also thinking about a shop conversion? We would be pleased to support you in your project. Dobas’ CEO Patrick Buchecker is looking forward to hearing from you by phone +41 41 972 56 64, by e-mail or via LinkedIn.

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