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21. December 2020

Light arouses emotions, generates excitement, guides customers. Accordingly, a well thought-out lighting design is important when designing a retail, hospitality or exhibition area.

Although we are not consciously aware of light at all times, optimal lighting is of great importance. Whether in our home, at our workplace, in a restaurant, in the gym or in the office – light affects our experience in the respective environment and ultimately affects us.

Accordingly, lighting design is an elementary part of our retail, hospitality and exhibition projects. After the initial meeting with our customers, it becomes clear in which direction the lighting concept should develop and which needs are present.

The most important Lighting Design Parameters

There are several parameters that are relevant to lighting design. These include:

  • the light color, unit of measurement: Kelvin

The color of light contributes a lot to the mood and emotionality of a room. The higher the Kelvin number, the brighter a surface appears and the cooler the atmosphere. Which light color is used is also strongly related to the gems presented. Diamonds are more likely to be illuminated with 4000 Kelvin, while gold is best staged with 3000 Kelvin.

  • the amount of light, unit of measurement: Lumen

The amount of light is used to create excitement and gently guide the attention of the clientele. How much of the light quantity is actually reflected on a surface such as a table is specified with the parameter lux. Products that are to stand proud are given a high amount of light.

  • the color rendering index, unit of measurement: CRI

This parameter refers to the quality of the illuminant. The higher the CRI of the illuminant, the truer the colors of the presented products are rendered.

After Dobas has completed the lighting design for a project, we hand over the detailed plans with all the technical data and specifications for the selected light sources to an external partner for verification. With the help of their calculations, we can check whether our lighting concept achieves the desired effects and if necessary make corrections.

From Theory to Practice

The lighting design and lighting calculations in the images above relate to the «Shoes and Bags» project for 51 Eeast, one of the leading luxury retailers in Qatar. For the 1000 square meter boutique in Lagoona Mall Doha, which won an «International Property Award», Dobas worked with spotlights, indirect light and also decorative luminaires.

In the center of the boutique, for example, there are different colored hand-blown pendant lamps, which from a distance create a chandelier-like impression.

In addition, Patrick Buchecker and Deborah Muff designed a decorative light fixture especially for the 51 East boutique, consisting of curved metal elements that project a decorative pattern onto the ceiling.

Also specifically for this project, Dobas developed a shelving system with integrated power supply so that the display shelves equipped with light can be freely moved and exchanged.

We will make You shine

Would you like to put your products in a better light and give your retail space a new shine? We will be happy to support you. Stefan Baumeler, Deputy Managing Director, looks forward to hearing from you via +41 41 972 56 69 or by e-mail at

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