Virtual Reality for Brand Acquisition

26. November 2020

Among other things, Dobas uses Virtual Reality to visualize future stores. The technology offers various opportunities and can be useful, for example, to acquire brands.

Today's customers no longer have to rely exclusively on plans and their imagination to picture their future boutiques. Thanks to new possibilities such as Virtual Reality (VR), a meaningful impression of planned stores can be gained in a simple way.

First VR Trials

Dobas has been using VR for several years. In 2017 we launched a pilot project with our rendering partner Zoom VP. We sensibly decided on a boutique for which high-resolution single image renderings were created in advance and which was already in the realization phase. This procedure enabled us to compare the object in virtual reality with that in the real world. We were able to use the findings of the test balloon for future projects.

When VR makes Sense

The construction of a Virtual Reality is a cost-intensive undertaking. Accordingly, transparent communication regarding expectations and intentions is indispensable. In the case of multi-brand boutiques, for example, Virtual Reality can be worthwhile in order to win new brands for the future store. 

The owner of a Zurich multi-brand boutique also had this goal. His watchmaker shop was to develop its own identity and at the same time create an attractive environment for renowned brands. Each brand was to be present to the same extent and the respective corporate design was to be effectively implemented. The seated consultation was to take place in neutral areas that could be used for each brand.

Dobas developed a concept that is characterized by an open interior design and a clear presence of the brands. At the center of the multi-brand boutique are chain curtains that allow a certain amount of transparency while simultaneously creating a sense of privacy. Branded corners in the respective corporate design and with a back wall that is provided with a visual were created along the walls. The jewels can be presented in standing showcases.

In order to inspire new brands for the future, redesigned boutique, Dobas recommended the use of Virtual Reality to the client: Decision makers can already visit the planned boutique in the virtual world, develop a feeling for the location and experience the presentation possibilities one-to-one. The addition of renowned brands can in turn have a positive effect on financing requirements.

Try it out for yourself

You are always welcome to take a virtual tour through an inexistent boutique and convince yourself of the quality of the visual presentation. We look forward to hearing from you via  41 41 972 56 60 or by e-mail at

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