51 East - Boutique

Exquisite 1000 m2 boutique for accessories in Lagoona Mall, Doha, Qatar.

Dobas has designed an attractive and eye-catching new boutique for 51 East, one of the leading luxury retailers in Qatar. The sales area of 1000 m2 was segmented into spatial units, each of which is tailored to a specific range.

We collaborated with the textile designer Claudia Caviezel to create a centrally positioned mural with an elaborate lattice design and back lighting, which is reflected in various locations of the boutique.

Dobas developed a custom shelving system for this project, which includes an integrated power supply so that the display shelves equipped with lighting can be moved and switched out freely.

The high-quality materials and finishes reflect the value of the leather goods and accessories on offer and generate an unmistakable character.


Concept, planning & execution

Dobas AG


  • International Property Awards 2018/19
  • Architecture MasterPrize 2018: Honourable Mention in «Interior Design / Retail»

Media Reports

AN Shopfittingmagazine, 2018/1 – Read Article

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