51 East by Darwish Holding

Exhibition booth for high-end watches and jewellery 650m2 at the Doha watch and jewellery faire.

Dobas created an imposing 650m2 stand for the trade show appearance at the Doha Watch & Jewelery Show. In addition to the customer's own brand, three areas were designated for high-end brands, which were executed in the corporate design of the brands.

The outer shell consists of an irregularly arranged framework of three tonal different woods. The upward sloping façade is inspired by the traditional architecture of the region and makes the structure appear light.

Inside, visitors can enjoy a spacious room experience with a ceiling height of 4 meters.

The wall cabinets are designed so that the interior walls inclined toward the base of the vitrine, accentuating the object displayed. Differently colored showcase linings creates pockets of interest in this extensive exhibition stand.

Concept, execution planning & realisation

Dobas AG


Zoom VP GmbH, AT-Vienna

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