Argolite – Swissbau Fair 2016


Exhibition booth for high pressure laminates on 210sqm at the Swissbau trade fair 2016.

How can people be acquainted with a product? By tickling their curiosity: At the stand, the garish signal-red entrance that was deliberately lower than usual had the intended inflow effect on visitors. Those who ventured beyond the narrow and hard-surfaced gateway ended up in a black semitransparent cube with soft surfaces that projected a calming ambiance.

In the pleasant meeting area with soft mood lighting, it became obvious how variable and versatile Argolite products can be with different illumination concepts. Depending on the color temperature of the light, the surfaces and hues of the exhibits literally changed their appearance. In the right spotlight, the products transform themselves into ideal interior design elements for any application.

Playful light columns made of laser-cut HPL beamed decorative patterns onto the floor and ceiling. The cutouts offered glimpses of the insides of the columns. Each one was fitted with two Viewmasters that allowed visitors to view slides of typical product application examples.


Concept, execution planning & realisation

Dobas AG


Kuster & Frey, Horw


  • German Design Award 2018
  • A'Design Silver Award 2017

Media Reports

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