Audio Exclusiv – Showroom


Showroom and tuning workshop on 320sqm in the agglomeration of Lucerne.

In the course of location change, Dobas AG was commissioned to design the new premises for the «Audio Exclusiv High End Manufaktur Lucerne», a company that has specialized in multimedia and car-hifi for more than 20 years.

The space program, consisting of workshop, office space, reception and audio-visual showroom, was implemented in the existing unit and elaborated in exchange with the client, cropped for the work processes.

Based on the formal language and materialization of the automobile world, clearly defined functional areas were developed. By creating recessed and projected areas, both the decorative and the necessary lighting conditions can be used as a starting point. As a result, the room-determining monoliths, despite their size appear dynamically and are skilfully staged.

The freestanding terminals in the front area of the hall offer a generous work environment with the latest equipment and allow simultaneous work on three vehicles. Last but not least, the atmosphere generates trust in the company's competence, which can be decisive when delivering the most loved piece.


Concept & execution planning

Dobas AG

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