Ideation Space Hotel Sedartis

Space for innovation and creativity.

The seasonally used indoor golf room at the Hotel Sedartis Thalwil should be renewed and extended by a further function of a seminar room, which sets itself apart from the other seminar rooms of the hotel and can be operated throughout the year.

In the new creative space «Ideation Space», seminars, workshops and meetings can now be held in a relaxing environment, where ideas flow and new solutions are easily found. The slight garage character reminds of start-ups like Google or Apple, which all started small.

The seminar tables, whiteboards, etc. are easily stowed behind the wooden wall, which can be completely closed by sliding walls. The two golf boxes at the end of the room can be converted to lounge niches by curtains.

The acoustically soothed space radiates a cosy, creative atmosphere in which one likes to work, develop ideas, but also to play golf, enjoy aperitifs or just switch off from everyday life.


Concept, detail planning & construction coordination

Dobas AG

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