First-class monobrand boutique in a prime location

Planning and execution of the interior fittings of a luxury watch retailer’s 150-square-metre monobrand boutique on the most famous shopping street in Zurich.

The monobrand boutique on Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse has been enjoying its new appearance since late 2021. The combination of world-class watchmaking, the finest materials and custom interior fittings all create a shopping atmosphere of the highest order.

Shoppers can spend time in different areas of the 150-square-metre space and get to know the internationally beloved timekeeper better. One example is the VIP area, which guarantees an undisturbed shopping experience thanks to its acoustics. A small café-bar is also part of the updated monobrand boutique.

Semi-transparent filter walls made of American walnut wood serve as elegant room dividers: their design is inspired by one of the brand’s watch straps. To make this central element, which boasts integrated lighting technology, we created a prototype to find the ideal light sources and figure out their best possible positioning.

Another special feature of the interior design is the seamless interplay between the ceiling structure, with different heights, and the wall and floor elements. The expertise, precision and teamwork of various specialists were required to ensure the perfect execution of the structure – not least due to the short renovation period of five months.


Implementation plan & execution of the interior

Dobas AG


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