Urban Village

Restaurant concept for 100 guests on 220sqm in the urban of Lucerne.

This concept developed by Dobas targets at an urban community, who is interested in meeting new people, exchanging stories and feel embedded in the social structure of urbanity. The interior design clearly does not lean on any traditional cuisine, allowing to have an everlasting change in the collunarium offerings.

Centre point of the concept is a long stretched table that invites strangers to be seated together and to celebrate the new sharing trend, where food is served from a centre plat.

Next to this very social areas there are dinning sections where the atmosphere is more intimate. A lounge and a small bar allow to host guests at any time of the day.

Along the walls mural installations call for creativity. Roll-off wallpaper invite domestic artists to create a temporary piece of art, making the «Urban» a hot spot for new trends, changing the interior appearance every now and then.

Large window niches invite the guest to sit in the window and watch urban live pass, whilst indulging in an early morning coffee or late nightcap.


Concept & execution planning

Dobas AG


Zoom VP GmbH, AT-Vienna

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