Shop concept

Design study for a high-end watch and jewellery boutique on 260sqm.

Study for a boutique for quality watches and jewellery with a standalone architecture and design language.

The sales area is segmented and separates the assortment of watches from jewellery.

Hard and soft materials alternate and create an unmistakable ambience. In the jewellery sector, the proportion of soft materials (curtains) is greater in order to address the predominantly female target customers, whereas in the watch sector, on the other hand, there is more of a male driven design language.

The light installation is embedded in recessed channels, so that no direct insight to the light source is created. At the same time, these channels serve to accommodate the AC ventilation and sprinkler facilities, so that the ceiling remains as free as possible of visible technical elements.


Concept & detail planning

Dobas AG


Zoom VP GmbH, AT-Vienna

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