AS Stephanides


Luxury watch and jewellery boutique on 180m2 in the centre of Nicosia.

In the center of Nicosia, Dobas realized a watch and jewellery boutique and was responsible for the exterior as well as for the interior appearance.

The facade features decorative ornaments that are directly related to the region. The shop windows were designed in such a way that a presentation of goods is possible from the outside as well as from the inside by means of a turntable.

The interior was executed with high gloss lacquered mahogany, enriched by polished brass profiles creating a luxurious ambience which underlines the value of the precious goods.

Indirect light in combination with point-directed spots for optimum merchandise illumination brighten the boutique, so that a light-flooded atmosphere is created despite the dark wood.


Concept, execution planning & realisation

Dobas AG

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