umdasch – The Store Makers – EuroShop 2020

Exhibition stand on 900 square meters for one of the largest shopfitters in Europe.

umdasch The Store Makers – one of the largest shopfitters in Europe – had invited three internationally active companies to a pitch to design their trade fair appearance at EuroShop 2020. The ideas of Dobas AG on how to sustainably stage umdasch with its diverse services on 900 square meters of exhibition space were convincing.

The concept of Dobas AG was based on openness and transparency. A generous entrance welcomed visitors to four main themes, which were arranged in a circle and thus invited them to take an informative tour through the umdasch experience world. The restaurant, arranged on the side, offered space for a breather and professional exchange.

The stand stood out from the cubic trade fair landscape already from a distance due to its unconventional shape. A highlight was the roof structure, which was openly woven at the periphery of the stand, becoming increasingly dense towards the center and culminating in a tightly meshed funnel. The roof, constructed from seven kilometers of rope, appeared closed from a distance, but below it was very open and airy.


Concept, design & execution planning

Dobas AG


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