Andrea Bergonzini

Senior Interior Architect | Architect Industrial Design


How long have you been working for Dobas AG?  

I have been working for Dobas since 2018.

Where did your career path take you prior to this position?  

I am a registered Architect and worked for interior design of commercial spaces in Italy, London and Beijing. I developed projects of different scale in the corporate, hospitality and retail sector.

What are your main tasks as senior interior designer?  

I am in charge to develop concept designs coordinating with clients from the beginning of the project. I internally organize the exact planning and execution process, making sure that ideas are always delivered with the highest consistency and efficiency.oncepts. Taking care of clients is also part of my everyday work as well as seeking for interesting materials and supporting our planners.

How do you keep yourself informed and inspired in particular?  

I always keep myself updated over the internet, where I select activities that I can then experience in person, such as exhibitions and cultural travels. I also still believe in printed magazines, especially when they bring together creativity, business and social matters.

What materials make your senses jump for joy?  

I like to work with contrasts of very clean lines and bold materials. I am very interested in discovering unusual wood textures and colored marbles. I also appreciate any form of artistic expression in wall plaster finishes.

What odds and ends can one find on your desk, which aren’t essential for your daily work but for yourself and your motivation? 

I think the personal working desk is an essential part of the everyday office activities. It is functionally and visually related to what people do and think. But this doesn't mean that it has to be spotless. I usually keep many different versions of drawings on my desk, even if they are not the latest. I believe design is a non-linear process where you can quickly go very far, but sometimes you have to go back and re-evaluate different directions.

Which room of your home would you re-design and which ideas would you bring to life?  

I would explore and design a solution for a bedroom that integrates different functionalities for me and my family, combining contemporary functional needs with new aesthetic elements.

Professionally speaking, what fulfills you with delight and pride?  

I am always extremely satisfied when I see different teams with diverse expertise working together. As I am working internationally, I am also always excited to discover local practices and traditions in design and construction.

And what floods you with feelings of happiness in private terms? 

Weekend getaways, watch people making dumplings, Aargau carrot cake and scrupulously picking two or three concerts a year, among other things.

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