Andrea Prandi-Zgraggen

Draftswoman Interior Architecture

How long have you been working for Dobas AG?  

I have been working for Dobas since August 2018.

Where did your career path take you prior to this position?  

In 2010 I completed my apprenticeship as draftswoman, afterwards I was working in architecture and eventually switched to interior architecture.

What are your main tasks as draftswoman interior architecture?  

I draw plans for our various projects in the fields of retail, hospitality and exhibition.

How do you keep yourself informed and inspired in particular?  

I keep myself informed by reading professional journals. And I get inspiration from, inter alia, Instagram.

What materials make your senses jump for joy?  

I love wood and its warm, structured and natural surface.

What odds and ends can one find on your desk, which aren’t essential for your daily work but for yourself and your motivation? 

Actually, there’s nothing standing or lying around, which I don’t really need in my day-to-day work.

Which room of your home would you re-design and which ideas would you bring to life?  

My balcony deserves a little more attention, I guess. A wooden floor would be nice, some plants and a lounge would certainly upgrade the space too.

Professionally speaking, what fulfills you with delight and pride?  

It’s always great to see when one of my projects is finished and when the result becomes visible as well as tangible.

And what floods you with feelings of happiness in private terms? 

I like being out in the fresh air and outdoors in general.

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