Andreas Signer

Draftsman Interior Architecture

How long have you been working for Dobas AG?  

I am a part of Dobas since October 2016.

Where did your professional journey take you prior to your current position?

After my four-year draftsman apprenticeship, I gained work experience in several architectural offices. Later I completed the higher vocational school-leaving certificate. And after graduation in 2016 I’ve started working for Dobas.

What are your main tasks in your role as draftsman interior architecture?  

I am responsible for project planning and execution. On the one hand this contains putting first ideas of interior architects to paper and on the other hand I create the detailed site planning. Material procurement is a part of my day-to-day work as well. And in small scale projects I also take care of the project management.

How do you stay informed and, more importantly, inspired?

For one thing, thanks to my colleagues. While our coffee breaks, we usually have vivid discussions. Furthermore, I use social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Technical ideas often emerge while working with carpenters and other artisans.

What materials make your senses tingle?

I really like wood with a roughened surface. I feel most comfortable when being barefoot on warm parquet flooring.

What is lying around your desk that might seem unnecessary to others but is important to you and crucial for staying motivated?

I try to keep my desk as clean as possible. I get my daily dose of inspiration from my desktop background image. It shows a photography of mine, a bicycle in a beautiful autumn atmosphere. Both, photography as well as the bicycle, had a great impact on my life in 2019.

Which room in your home would you like to re-design and re-decorate? And what ideas would you bring to life in that space?

The living room. I would integrate a vertical indoor garden, because in our 3.5-room apartment every square meter should be used in the best way possible. Next to it I would design a sitting area with direct view to the plants, so the apartment would also have some life in it during cold winter months. Of course, one of my bicycles should also find a place, optimally in a multi-functional wall mount where bicycle equipment could be stored too.

Speaking of your job, what makes you happy and proud?

When I see planned projects for the first time in real life or on pictures. This is especially motivating when there were difficult project phases. Eventually, they were successfully mastered!

What brings you joy in your private life?

Riding my bicycle. I already get excited while planning a weekend tour. When I achieve my personal cycling goals, I am the happiest person on earth. My daily ride to work makes me happy too. For me bicycling is meditation in movement.

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