Deborah Muff

Interior Architect

(B.A. Industrial Design)

How long have you been working for Dobas AG?  

I’ve started my job in April 2017.

Where did your career path take you prior to this position?  

After receiving my apprenticeship certificate in 2013 I kept working as draftswoman at the apprenticeship company. I also worked part-time there while doing the higher vocational school-leaving certificate and studying product and industrial design. Afterwards I’ve switched to Dobas.

What are your main tasks as interior architect?  

I help creating concepts and designs for trade fair booths and boutiques, among others. I also support in the fields of execution planning and project management.

How do you stay informed and, above all: inspired?

I get inspiration from scrolling through Instagram, but also when I’m strolling through the city or being outdoors, while travelling the world or reading a book.

What materials make your senses leap with joy?

I am fascinated by ceramics and how it transforms during the processing procedure. From a moist, soft, partially musty smelling mass to a hard, strong, odourless object. A material, which can almost take every shape and surface quality but still has a «mind» of its own.

What odds and ends do you keep on your desk that are essential for you and your motivation although they are not necessary for your work?

I am not a knickknacks person and therefore I have only one unnecessary object on my desk: my emergency hair tie. But it doesn’t really contribute to my motivation.

Which room of your home would you re-design and which ideas would you bring to life?  

Since our grill broke and the outdoor furniture got blown away several times our big garden lies idle. I would like to revive it with a big table, a shady sun sail, plants, lighting and maybe a comfortable bench to read a good book while soaking up some sun.

Professionally speaking, what fulfills you with happiness and pride? 

When I can brainstorm, sketch and let my creativity run free. But also, when I can see a finished project with my own eyes and hand it over to a happy client.

And in your private life – what floods you with joy?

To relax my mind with good music, at best while enjoying it live. Or to sit on my motorbike on a mild summer evening after work and to enjoy the view of the beautiful Swiss alps.

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