Johannes Lang

Interior Architect

How long have you been working for Dobas AG?

I’ve been part of the Dobas team since January 2021.

Where did your professional journey take you prior to your current position?

I started out as a carpenter, then studied interior design and, after that, entered the field of scenography, where I worked for eleven years. Now, I’m looking forward to new and exciting challenges in the world of retail architecture, since the work is also about creating spaces that tell stories. A room’s authenticity only becomes evident when it reflects a company’s values and the human beings that work there, in all its visible and tangible aspects.

What are your main tasks as an interior architect?

With my experience as an interior designer and scenographer, I want to help our customers shape their guests’ experience. I work on all kinds of design and strategic issues and accompany our customers during the project design phase. My main task is to make people happy.

How do you stay informed and, more importantly, inspired?

I traverse both the real and digital world with open eyes and ears. The real things are there for me to experience and touch, whereas the digital things serve as inexhaustible and contemporary sources of inspiration.

What materials make your senses tingle?

Wood and concrete.

What’s lying around your desk that might seem unnecessary to others but is important to you and your motivation?

Coffee mugs, water glasses, markers – though all of these things don’t entirely deserve to be called «unnecessary».

Which room in your home would you like to redesign? And what ideas would you bring to life in that space?

Both the living room and the nursery. I fantasise about them being spaces that can be constantly arranged and rearranged depending on the changing needs of everyday life. To me, multifunctionality is very exciting, especially when it’s a straightforward space.

What fills you with joy and pride in your professional life?

To see happy people who value my work.

What brings you joy in your personal life?

To be on the road with my wife, my kids and our «Bulli» Volkswagen van.

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