Martina Eichholzer

Draftswoman Interior Architecture

How long have you been working for Dobas AG?  

I am aboard of Dobas AG since July 2014.

Where did your career path take you prior to this position?  

2008 I completed my apprenticeship as carpenter with focus on furnishings and interior constructions. Then I worked as carpenter for Wellis AG in Willisau. Afterwards I was employed as kitchen fitter and accounting clerk at Ambiance Küchen. 2014 I acquired the commercial diploma and eventually started my position at Dobas.

What are your main tasks as draftswoman interior architecture?  

I plan and draw, but I also manage projects and take over different organizational tasks in this context.

How do you keep yourself informed and inspired in particular?  

I keep myself informed by reading the «SchreinerZeitung», for example. And thanks to the platform Pinterest, inter alia, I get inspired.

What materials make your senses jump for joy?  

As a trained carpenter the answer is easy: wood of course!

What odds and ends can one find on your desk, which aren’t essential for your daily work but for yourself and your motivation? 

Actually, there’s nothing unnecessary lying around on my desk.

Which room of your home would you re-design and which ideas would you bring to life?  

It wouldn’t only be one room, it would be a whole floor. The project is already on its way and I can incorporate my ideas soon.

Professionally speaking, what fulfills you with delight and pride?  

It fulfills me to see something beautiful emerge over and over again.

And what floods you with feelings of happiness in private terms? 

I am grateful for my healthy family and I appreciate a loving and respectful interaction with others.

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