Richard Arnet

Project Manager | Apprentice Supervisor

Member of the Board

How long have you been working for Dobas AG?  

I have been working for Dobas since January 2013.

Where did your career path take you prior to this position?  

I am a trained carpenter. After completing my apprenticeship, I worked as a carpenter for two years. From 2000 to 2002 I did a further training as wood technician. Prior to my position at Dobas I was working as project manager at a joinery company with 40 employees for nine years.

What are your main tasks as project manager and apprentice supervisor?  

As project manager I am observing deadlines, have an interface function between planners, clients and suppliers, I monitor the quality and I attend building inspections. And as a certified vocational trainer I support our employee Sara Alario in the area of apprentice supervision.

How do you keep yourself informed and inspired in particular?  

I read daily newspapers as well as the «SchreinerZeitung» and from time to time also other professional magazines.

What materials make your senses jump for joy?  

Mostly it isn’t only one material, but the combination of different materials.

What odds and ends can one find on your desk, which aren’t essential for your daily work but for yourself and your motivation? 

You can’t find anything unessential really. I have a small annual agenda, important material samples and several project documents on my desk, among other things.

Which room of your home would you re-design and which ideas would you bring to life?  

I live in my parents-in-law’s house, which I completely reconstructed a few years ago. Meanwhile I would like to re-furnish the kitchen and the living room. A nice table and a cozy sofa, inter alia, would be great.

Professionally speaking, what fulfills you with delight and pride?  

Every successfully finished project, especially when we receive positive feedback from clients or planners. I was particularly pleased about a project which we realized at the Dubai Mall in May 2018.

And what floods you with feelings of happiness in private terms? 

It always puts a smile on my face when my two kids and my wife give me a warm welcome after coming home from work. Mild summer nights under the stars or ski tours with my family make me happy too.

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