Verena Zaugg

Interior Architect

How long have you been working for Dobas AG?

I’ve been working for Dobas since May 2021.

Where did your professional journey take you prior to your current position?

I studied interior design in Germany and completed internships in Austria and Switzerland after graduation. After that, I worked in Zurich in the field of shop fitting. I then worked for seven years as an interior designer for projects in the hotel, food service and healthcare industries.

What are your main tasks as an interior architect?

Mainly the conception and development of designs, including material and colour concepts.

How do you stay informed and, more importantly, inspired?

Thanks to a number of magazines like ESPACES contemporains, AIT and Wohnrevue, as well as digital sources. For instance, my Instagram is full of design and interiors feeds.

What materials make your senses tingle?

I’m crazy about the smell of leather, but actually I like all materials! There’s nothing better than spending a day browsing a sample library for new materials for a project or looking through the latest collections with suppliers.

What’s lying around your desk that might seem unnecessary to others but is important to you and your motivation?

My workplace is always quite chaotic – there are always bits and pieces of things mixing with the essentials... But there is one constant: a little Japanese bobble-head doll from my trip to Japan. When I’m feeling stuck, its rhythmic movement helps me get my thoughts flowing again.

Which room in your home would you like to redesign? And what ideas would you bring to life in that space? 

If I could I’d be arranging and rearranging every room every couple of weeks because the world is so full of beautiful things. But, in particular, I’d like to redesign our little one’s room and create a new, creative world for him every month. But that space that actually needs to be redesigned most urgently is our study/storage room…

What fills you with joy and pride in your professional life?

Discussing a concept with a client and seeing how he or she reacts to my vision and gets excited about it.

What brings you joy in your personal life?

When I wake up to the sight of two little bright eyes looking at me over the bars of the cot accompanied by a voice calling: «Mama, Maaammm-maaamm».

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