We stand for precision, efficiency and quality. What these values mean for us and our customers.



As a Lucerne based company we trust in the Swiss workplace to offer our clients a high standard of quality. We know the origin of our applied materials and wherever possible, we process materials from local provenance to reflect the high quality of our client’s presented goods and services in our interior designs.



When developing sales supporting environments we endeavor to work with high precision. We make sure that we fully understand the needs, marketing strategy and target group of our international clients to turn them into functional and high-quality solutions. Also, while manufacturing and on-site installation our clientele can count on our eye for details. 

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Our full-service approach allows a lean project management and ensures resource efficiency. Our clients receive all from a single source – from the first idea to the turnkey project – and are taken care of our interdisciplinary team throughout the whole design and development process. 

How we live up to our Values

Learn how we live up to our values in our blog and have a glance at our Dobas cosmos. Read blog articles

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