Expo Design

We design and implement eye-catching trade fair stands, showrooms and pop-up stores for demanding providers of all industries. What we design attracts attention and remains vivid in the memory.

Swissbau Dobas expo design.jpg

Trade Fair Construction

To attend an exhibition confronts participants with a dense competitor situation. We develop trade fair stands that stand out from the crowd, turn attention into interaction and generate trust in services. Our client’s marketing strategy always remains in the focus of our efforts.

Dobas interior architecture  Innenarchitektur.jpg


In a showroom a corporate culture condenses. The facilities appear equally intimate and exclusive as a visit is usually following an invitation. We create showrooms for B2B and B2C, bring our client’s corporate DNA to the point and make offers tangible in a limited space. 

Dobas retail design architecture.jpg

Pop-up Store

In case the use of a sales area is limited in time as with pop-up stores, attraction and efficiency are being considered as top priorities. We realize concepts that have an effect on potential target customers and convince our clients through their simple and fast implementation.

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