Exhibition design

What we design attracts attention. We develop temporary installations with infotainment that are tailored exactly to your marketing strategy, your offer and your target customers.

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Exhibition design

Taking part at an exhibition confronts you with a dense competitor situation, during a very limited time frame. All the more your booth must attract the visitor to interact with you, to experience your offerings and to gain confidence in your services. At Dobas we are eager to learn everything about your marketing strategy, allowing to create a temporary environment that reflects your company and services.

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The showroom can be understood as a condensate of corporate culture. Here, the DNA of the company is made visible and often serves as a meeting point for B2B and B2C. The showroom embodies more intimacy and is more exclusive, a visit is usually by invitation. As a provider of classic shop fitting and hospitality concepts, we know how to bring the showroom to the point.

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Pop-up store

The pop-up store thrives on the short-term occupancy of a location, as a bridging of a tenancy. Accordingly, these concepts are based on a simple and fast implementation, which in turn has to be effective in order to attract attention within the shortest possible time. As a specialist of classic shopfitting and temporary trade fair architecture, we know how to bring the pop-up store to the point.

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