Hospitality Design

We develop and plan unique experience environments for ambitious hosts in the gastronomy as well as corporate area. What we design invites to linger and makes a lasting impression.

Dobas hospitality architecture.jpg

Gastronomic Experience

A satisfying gastronomic experience goes far beyond the end of one’s nose nowadays. We design gastronomy facilities based on our client’s individual business concepts. Out of these impulses grow ideas which underline the host’s individuality and awaken all of the client’s senses. 

J&J Dobas reception hall design.jpg

Lobby Architecture

Rooms are as important for a first impression as the human beings that fill them with life. Accordingly, we think that the first interaction point between a host and a guest, a client or a customer needs adequate attention. We create lobby and reception areas which establish an inviting atmosphere and convey a welcoming feeling.

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