Multi-sensory interior architecture with a local feel

26. January 2024

We recently teamed up with Antonietty Architekten AG and Rogger Ambauen AG on the redesign of LUKB’s customer service hall. Now Lucerne’s leading bank will be offering their customers a state-of-the-art, multi-sensory experience at their head office.

The Luzerner Kantonalbank, or LUKB, is the leading universal bank in the canton, with its headquarters located in the heart of Lucerne, just a stone’s throw from our own interior architecture office. Our Design team was commissioned to breathe new life into the financial service provider’s customer service hall.

The hall, originally built in 1973, was last remodelled in 2007, yet transactional business continued to dominate its appearance. Consultation areas could only be seen in the background, and most of the floor space was used as a concourse. As a result, the head office often seemed lifeless and impersonal. Last year we embarked on the challenge of redeveloping the hall into a vibrant meeting place.

The quarter within a quarter

Our project team’s main question in this redesign was how we could counteract the space’s hall-like feel by way of interior architecture and furnishings. And we found our answers right on the LUKB’s doorstep: in the Neustadt-Hirschmatt quarter.

The heart of our «Quartier im Quartier» («Quarter within a Quarter») interior architecture concept is the diverse neighbourhood just outside the building. LUKB’s values of «typisch Lozärn» («so Lucerne») and «persönlich» («personal») are thus perfectly embodied in the storytelling of the concept. At the same time, we used the diversity of the neighbourhood to creatively break up flat surfaces and fronts in order to improve the ambience of the space.

For instance, the cloud hanging in the centre of the space elegantly brings the outside in, breaking up the otherwise cold, uniform surface of the ceiling with its organic shape. The cloud’s curved contours give off an air of playfulness and its dynamic lighting effects change to reflect the current weather conditions of the city.

Interiors full of Lucerne

LUKB visitors have Lucerne at their feet – literally. We translated the various types of ground surfaces found on squares across the city into a lively terrazzo floor. LUKB employees placed the first quarry stone elements before pouring, giving the floor an even more personal character and deeper connection to the city.

The customer service hall is furnished in the style of typical street furniture. Short consultations are held at four high tables with rounded edges located in the centre of the room. In just a few quick steps, the fully equipped work stations can be moved around the room.

A curved wooden bench – its shape and material reminiscent of the cloud on the ceiling – invites visitors to take a seat while they wait. In contrast to the cool stone floor, we chose a bench made of a warmly coloured wood.

Consultations in a private atmosphere

For more in-depth meetings requiring greater discretion, there are three private, glassed-in cubicles, i.e. «pergolas», in the customer service hall. This concept was inspired by the typical perimeter block buildings in the neighbourhood: a grand exterior and a welcoming interior.

The semi-hidden pergolas have hanging lights akin to those found on an outdoor patio or a rooftop terrace and their back panels are decorated with relics from the history of the LUKB and the city, as well as other urban objects.

The cement look of the walls in the pergolas and in the rest of the customer service hall create the feel of an exterior – they are a homage to the material seen frequently in the neighbourhood surrounding the LUKB. Cement allows for a subdued wall design with a character all its own that stands out from a flat surface.

A touch of green

Green spaces of all shapes and sizes are part of every cityscape, which we reproduce accordingly in our «Quarter within a Quarter». In the 24-hour self-service zone, there is a tree surrounded by an attractive circular bench, and climbing plants entwine themselves above the pergolas.

In the «Guetschwald» room – one of four consultation rooms – there is a small fir tree in addition to the greenery on the walls; ivy provides a splash of green in the «Gletschergarten» room; reeds add to the lake vibe of the «Ufschoetti» room; and, just as in the city outside the customer service hall, seasonal flora are planted in the «Altstadt» room.

Logistical challenges

The renovation of LUKB’s head office began in summer 2022 and lasted until November 2023. This short construction period presented a number of challenges, one of them being the heavily trafficked location in the city centre with limited options for transferring materials. The parallel operations in changing temporary arrangements required quick decisions at all levels. Thanks to efficient coordination between the client (LUKB) and all the companies involved, we were able to finish the project on time.

In December 2023, we celebrated the reopening with a party for the public. We are proud to have been given the opportunity to provide a unique appearance to the new LUKB headquarters and want to thank our neighbours for entrusting us with this project!

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