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31. January 2020

After a two-month renovation phase we move into our office extension in February. We look forward to filling our green oasis with life and to welcome our customers in a generous lounge area.

Sometimes, a spontaneous idea leads to a transformation process. Like in the case of our office extension: Would a former internship have not had the idea to do an employee survey, we might not be moving into new rooms now. The survey results made clear, inter alia, that our team wishes for more inter-divisional communication. As a result of this we re-designed our office space, created a new entrance area and made room for a lounge including some recreational gadgets. The rearrangement one on hand allowed the team to move together closer, on the other hand eventually limited the overall office space – all the more as we welcomed two additional team members. 

Ideal solution at our feet

The luck was on our side and we didn’t have to seriously seek for new premises. At Pilatusstrasse no. 35 – Dobas’ home since 2015 – the floor below our office turned out to be available. After a few conversations with the owner, the deal had been successfully closed in November 2019: From December onwards Dobas would additionally rent the fifth level and connect the two floors with an internal stair case. Right after Dobas’ CEO Patrick Buchecker signed the contract, the first interior ideas for the office extension came up. It should become a green oasis, the rooms should have a stunning effect and elements of surprise. The former employee Sara Asserlind took over the project, created mood boards and wrote a concept. The revised office arrangement involves workstations on the upper floor and four different zones on the lower level, including a lounge / reading corner, a material showroom, a virtual reality space and a generous welcoming area for clients. 

Counting the days

Later on, Martina Eichholzer took over the construction management and drove the office extension forward, managing also the renovation of the sanitary facilities and exposure of the girders in favor of a loft character. Since December the renovation is in full swing, in a few days the new floor will be ready to move in. We are very much looking forward to the extended playground for our inspiration and creativity – and to the reactions of external guests of course.

You can find a few impressions of the past weeks in the gallery below. The final result will be shared on our Instagram channel soon.

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