Rössli Cabin

Hospitality for up to 70 guests on approx. 200sqm, embedded in the picturesque scenery of Stalden, above Sarnen.

For the aging Landgasthof Rössli in Stalden, Dobas has developed a new restaurant concept aimed at a younger target audience, without excluding the traditional clientele.

The corporation Stalden, owner of the property, generates a large part of its income from the timber industry. Accordingly, this theme was taken up and reinterpreted, enriched with a pinch of Canadian and atmospherically implemented.

New, the Rössli Cabin has three areas where guests can feel comfortable, the dining cabin, a comfortable lounge and a cozy bar. These hospitality areas invite the visitor at any time of the day to linger.


Concept, planning & costruction management

Dobas AG


Zoom VP GmbH, AT-Vienna


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